Markdown Common Elements

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Basic formatting

This note demonstrates some of what Markdown is capable of doing.

And that's how to do it.


There are six levels of headings. They correspond with the six levels of HTML headings. You've probably noticed them already in the page. Each level down uses one more hash character. But we are using just 4 of them.

Headings can be small

Headings can be small

Headings can be small

Headings can be small


Ordered list

  1. Item 1
  2. A second item
  3. Number 3

Unordered list

Paragraph modifiers


Here is a quote. What this is should be self explanatory. Quotes are automatically indented when they are used.


URLs can be made in a handful of ways:

Horizontal rule

A horizontal rule is a line that goes across the middle of the page. It's sometimes handy for breaking things up.


Markdown can also contain images. I'll need to add something here sometime.

Markdowm Image

Figure Caption?

Markdowm Image

Bigger Images?

Markdowm Image{: class="bigger-image" }


A HTML Example:

A CSS Example:

A JS Example:

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